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Melbourne CBD iPhone Repairs Stories

Melbourne CBD iPhone Repairs have fixed a lot of phones before. With those repairs come a lot of stories behind them. This section of the blog, Melbourne CBD iPhone Repairs Phone Repair Stories, will bring you some of the more notable stories that we encounter. It’s a little like the Darwin awards for mobile phone breakages. We’ve received permission from all the broken phone owners and have changed their names to protect their pride!

Brandon’s iPhone Repair Story

Brandon came to us on a Monday morning with a broken iPhone 4S. In fact it wasn’t just broken, but it was covered in slime. Brandon had been having a barbecue and had invited a number of friends around who brought some misbehaving canines. Watching the football, Brandon reached for his iPhone to check some football stats. It had just been sitting a metre from him on a coffee table, but was nowhere to be found. After the group of friends spent no less than an hour looking around the house for his iPhone, one of the children present came running in with a slimed up phone. It then made sense to them why a friends Saint Bernard had been hiding up in the back corner of the backyard for the past hour. The phone was absolutely covered in dog slime with a broken screen and fried charging port. The battery had also packed it in. With a new battery, charging port and screen for a combined price of $99, Brandon’s phone was repaired and looking as good as new after only 20 minutes.
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Lisa’s iPhone Repair Story

Lisa has been unfortunate enough to have visited us a number of times, often not due to her own errors. She has previously brought in a broken iPhone 5S with a fried charging dock after her infant child had damaged it by trying to eat the power cord prior to it being inserted into the phone. Something to be wary of for all, as this could end very badly for the child. The last time however, Lisa’s other child, a toddler, was playing with a rubber ducky game app. Well, toddlers being toddlers, Lisa’s child tried to make the rubber ducky swim in the bath tub. Uh-oh. Luckily Lisa wasted no time in contacting Melbourne CBD iPhone Repairs and she brought the phone straight into us. Time is of the essence with water damaged phones. Make sure you turn the phone off straight away and do not apply heat, as this just causes condensation inside which can further damage the phone. The phone needs to be opened up and aired out correctly. Placing it in a sealed container of rice can be beneficial, but nothing beats an expert pulling the phone apart and fixing it correctly. Lisa did all of the above and the phone survived. To prevent further issues, Lisa purchased a LifeProof case to protect it from the kids.

Other iPhone Repair Stories:

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