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Melbourne CBD iPhone Repairs Phone Repair Guide Links

Melbourne CBD iPhone Repairs call on a number of resources when first tackling new repairs. Every new phone and tablet is different and we like to see what other repairers do when fixing brand new technology as it is released. Below are a number of really cool links that show just how complex some repairs can be. Please be aware, we see many home repair jobs go wrong, even the seemingly simple one. Problems such as static shock, lost screws, dust, broken components, mistakes putting phones back together, amongst a host of other problems can destroy phones before we have a chance to perform an expert repair. So as they say on television, ‘do not try this at home’!

Go back in time and watch the 1st Generation iPhone being repaired by repair gurus iFixit.

The iPhone 4 is now becoming a little outdated. As such, a lot of people are enjoying trying their hand at fixing old ones lying around the house with little to no risk in breaking it even further. Melbourne CBD iPhone Repair are happy to provide phone screens and other phone repair parts for those that wish to try and repair their own phone. Please be aware though, we don’t provide warranty on parts to non-wholesale customers. We will however test phone repair screens in front of you prior to selling, so you can see that they are working parts. Win.

Check out this guide from iFixit on tearing down the iPhone 4. This is a very difficult repair to undertake and will likely end in tears if repairing a phone that is important to you, so repair at your own risk!