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iPhone 5 Repair Melbourne

The price of an iPhone 5 repair Melbourne is almost always cheapest with Melbourne CBD iPhone Repairs.

The most common iPhone 5 repair Melbourne is the iPhone 5 Screen Repair which is only $69 as of 23rd June 2015. This screen repair takes a speedy 15 minutes to complete. Prices are subject to change, which means they are probably even cheaper now! If you need the iPhone 5 Back Glass repair it is only $25. The iPhone 5 Power Button Repair is a cheap $49. This repair takes about 30 minutes to complete. This is the same price and time frame for the iPhone 5 Volume button repair, Silent switch repair and the Audio Jack repair, as they are all the same part. If you need an iPhone 5 Home Button repair it costs only $49 but is free when having a screen replaced, as we don’t charge labour prices, as it’s all part of the same job. Other iPhone 5 repairs Melbourne, such as an iPhone 5 Battery Replacement is $49. This is super cheap, considering we use original batteries that will bring your phone’s battery life back to brand new quality. If you need an iPhone 5 Frame repair, it can be quite a time-consuming job and costs $110. In many cases, if your phone frame is bent, then we can fix the existing frame. This is free when having a phone screen repair. Common areas that can be fixed are the iPhone corners and around the volume button. An iPhone 5 Back Camera repair generally involves a complete swap of the camera with another original iPhone 5 camera at a cost of $49. The iPhone 5 Charger Connector costs $49 to replace, the iPhone 5 Front Camera is $49, the iPhone 5 Vibrator Repair costs $49, as does the iPhone 5 Top Speaker, Light Sensor and iPhone 5 Bottom Speaker Repair. For an iPhone 5 Water Damaged Service it costs $80. Please ask our technicians for more information regarding our water damaged service, as it can be quite a complex repair due to the nature of water damage. Check out this link for more of an idea at the big job that is required for the above repairs when you get an iPhone 5 repair Melbourne. We highly recommend not trying these repairs at home. iPhone 5 Repair Melbourne
For any iPhone 5 Repair Melbourne CBD iPhone Repairs is the number one repairer and as you can see above, we can fix just about anything to do with your iPhone 5. Just call us on 03 8689 0004 for the latest pricing, as all of these prices might be cheaper by the time you see this page. We also match any other iPhone 5 repair Melbourne prices.

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