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Melbourne CBD iPhone Repairs Technology Videos

At Melbourne CBD iPhone Repairs, we spend a lot of time researching upcoming technology, particularly relating to phones, tablets and other mobile communication related devices. We also like to share at Melbourne CBD iPhone Repairs, so please enjoy the latest interesting videos that we’ve found across the internet.

Has Virtual Reality Technology with your Smart Phone just become a reality?

Can you imagine using your phone with Virtual Reality technology? Melbourne CBD iPhone Repairs are super excited about what the future will bring us all. That said, the future is closer than you’d think. Check out this video for some insane new technology that’s already been developed by Samsung.

And some more virtual reality amazement…

Not for the faint hearted, more virtual reality technology. This time, watch a virtual reality user go crazy while he boards a plane then enjoys it crashing. While the graphics aren’t exactly the best, the potential for development is clearly there to be seen by all. Have a look and ask yourself where this technology will go? Check out more from Oculus Rift for cutting edge technology releases in virtual reality. Keep in mind, all of this technology uses your smart phone as the display! Melbourne CBD iPhone Repairs are excited!

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