iPhone XS Max Refurbished Mobile Phone [Excellent Condition]

Order today for your Refurbished iPhone XS Max in Australia.
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iPhone XS Max Refurbished Mobile Phone Sale in Australia

Order today for your Refurbished iPhone XS Max in Australia.

What is included:

1 x iPhone XS Max Premium Refurbished Set

1 × Charger

1 × Charging Cable

Device Condition

90% new condition, minimal signs of wear and tear

Refurbished iPhone XS Max in excellent condition

100% Fully Functional

No Scratches

No Cracks

No Scuffs

No network Locks

No iCloud / FRP Locks

Data Wiped

72 Points Software & Hardware checks completed


All of our products come with a standard 12-month warranty period that covers faults in parts. Products with physical. Liquid damages will not be accepted under warranty. A faulty device must be sent back to our address before the replacement can be sent, and we will issue a refund or account credit once the faulty device has been received. We do not offer a change of mind return or replacement.

Please note that the conditions stated below apply to every purchase made with Repair Mate.

To be eligible for a standard Repair Mate warranty, the customer must have purchased the device or product from Repair Mate at www.repairmate.com.au.

The device or product must not sustain any physical damages, liquid damages, abuse, modification, misuse, or served by any other company other than Repair Mate. Evidence of the above-mentioned condition will result in an immediate void of warranties.

Warranty processing period ranges from 1-3 business days

The processing period is counted from the time the product enters the Repair Mate facility. The delivery or transportation period to get the product into the facility will not be counted

Our Repair Mate team will contact the warranty claimer once we receive the parcel if there is anything unclear or items not matching the Repair Mate order list.

All transportation costs relating to getting the device to our facility for a warranty claim will not be incurred by Repair Mate.

The final warranty claim conclusion will be informed to the customer via phone or email as preferred by the customer.

Any product or device purchase period crossing the 12 months' time will not be taken under warranty under any circumstances.

Any product or device concluded to be under warranty by the Repair Mate inspection team will be offered store credit/replacement or refund as requested.

Once the Repair Mate Warranty program is executed, the product will be sent to the screen manufacturer's service centre, and the inspection process of the manufacturer will be needed to determine whether the problem is caused by the device/ product itself and the inspection report will be attached. If the problem is the product itself, the manufacturer will perform the corresponding duties; otherwise, the product will not be guaranteed any warranty services. This process requires at least 20-30 business days.

What is the Repair Mate 72 Point Check System for a refurbished iPhone XS Max?

Computer USB Plug

Customer personal locked

FMI Locked / Google / Samsung locked


Power Buttons

Menu Buttons

Back Buttons

Home Buttons

Power Buttons

Volume Down buttons

Volume Up

Silent button

Silent button flexibility

Fingerprint IDGB

Make & Model

Unit Country of Origin

SD Card Insert

SD Card Test

SD Remove Test

SIM Reader


4G / 5G Check


Air Gesture


Battery Life – 80% of original capacity

Bluetooth Check

Camera Call Function Check

Camera Front

Camera Coloration Check

Front Pattern Camera Check

Back Black Camera Check

Back Color Check

Back Camera Check

Front Camera Check

Black Display

Earpiece Speaker Check


Headset Plug Test

Headset Record Test

Headset Stereo Test

Headset Unplug Test

Internet Browser

LCD Hover Paint Test

LCD Paint Test

Water / Liquid Damage Assessment

Device Knox Check

Microphone Playback Test

Microphone Record Test

Network Unlock / Check

Near Field Communication

Proximity Sensor Check

Root Check

Sleep Test

Software Fault Assessment

Software Level (Version) Update Check

Loudspeaker and Speaker Phone Check

Touch Screen and Sensitivity Check

USB Wiggle Check

Back Video Camera (inc voice recorder) Check

Front Video Camera (inc voice recorder) Check

Voice Memo

Wi-Fi Check

Cosmetic Inspection for any marks, scuffs, or cracks

Device Reset

AC USB Plug Test

Activation Check

Apple a Number

Data wiped

What are Refurbished Mobile Phones?

Before buying a refurbished device, a customer must first identify what they are getting into. The term "Refurbished Mobile Phone" generally refers to a pre-owned handset that has now been recycled and is ready for resale. Instead of new mobile devices being sold in the market, which exerts enormous strain on the environment due to production needs, using a Refurbished Mobile Phone is good for the environment.

Were all Refurbished Mobile Phones Faulty at one stage?

Not all refurbished devices that are ready to be sold were once faulty. Some retailers classify Refurbished Mobile Phones as devices returned by customers who changed their minds within a 30-day cooling-off period. Even though new, these devices cannot be sold as brand new; hence, they must be sold under the tag refurbished.

How Reliable Are Refurbished Mobile Phones?

Refurbished mobile phones are a fantastic alternative if you know what to search for. Deciding to purchase from a dependable and reliable vendor like Repair Mate is the initial step to getting a decent arrangement. It might be ideal that you searched for the restored phone's condition, its screen, battery life, and other essential features. Another essential highlight is to have your recycled phone opened to your organization. A recycled mobile phone is a fantastic choice if you are searching for substantial reserve funds.

Please note: The device may not have water resistance / Proofing capabilities.

Advantages of buying a Refurbished iPhone XS Max in Australia

Customers can get a refurbished iPhone XS Max at lesser costs. Repair Mate offers a standard 12-month warranty on refurbished iPhone XS Max. Repair Mate follows a 72-point check system to ensure the device is worthy of being sold.

Refurbished Mobile Phone costs are not high. You can purchase restored mobiles with excellent quality at a lot of lesser costs.

In any case, your recycled mobile phone accompanies a warranty. So, is it a good idea for you to go in for a recycled phone or purchase another one? Everything relies upon how you feel about utilizing a mobile phone that is not actually "new." With numerous choices on the market, you can peruse well-known brands.

72 Points software & hardware checks completed

All recycled phones have an evaluation that mirrors their condition. There is no all-around applied norm for evaluating, so Repair Mate has created its evaluation system to ensure that customers get the best deal regarding refurbished iPhone XS Max in Australia.

All of these aspects are monitored to deliver you the best deal on Refurbished iPhone XS Max devices. Order one from Repair Mate today, Save money, time, and most of all, the environment.

Please make an online booking for the purchase of the device.

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