Baseus 1.5A 2m Elbow Type USB Cable

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Get a Baseus 1.5A 2m Elbow Type USB Cable.
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Get a Baseus 1.5A 2m Elbow Type USB Cable in South Yarra, Carnegie, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane & Australia Wide

The Baseus 1.5A 2m Elbow Type USB Cable can charge your device while you enjoy uninterrupted gaming. It is compatible with devices with a lightning port, primarily iPhones. The cable charges the devices with a 1.5A current and is made with high-quality materials.

About Baseus 1.5A 2m Elbow Type USB Cable:

  • Supports fast-charging up to 1.5A
  • The control chipset adjusts the current to the device, protecting it from damage
  • The lightning connector at a 90-degree angle for easy usability while gaming
  • Nylon braid strengthens the cable and prevents it from tangling
  • PVC cover at the inlet of the cable to the connector housing


Brand: Baseus

Plugs: USB Type-A to Lightning

Material: Fishwire + Nylon + TPE + Tinned Copper Wire

Power: 1.5A

Compatibility: Devices with a Lightning port

Pick Up Available:

Melbourne, Brisbane & Hobart

Delivery Available:

Australia Wide

Purchase Inclusion:

1 x Charging cable

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